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Italian language test: the online application system

The Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, within the Ministry of the Interior, has set up an online application system to help processing applications for taking the Italian language test submitted by the applicants for an EC long-term residence permit starting from 9th December 2010.
Starting from the above date, simultaneously with the entry into force of the decree of 4th June 2010 concerning the test process, foreign nationals are required to submit their applications online to the prefecture having jurisdiction over the territory where they are domiciled.
To start the application, applicants are required to click on the link http://testitaliano.interno.it and fill in the application form. When using the InternetExplorer browser, an error message may be received. If so, click on ‘CONTINUARE CON IL SITO WEB’.
Detailed information on the process of forwarding and processing applications as well as on the use of the web application are contained in the circular letter No. 7589 of 16th November 2010 issued by the Central Directorate for Immigration and Asylum Policies.
The main steps of the application process can be summarised as follows: once the application has been submitted online, it is acquired by the system and forwarded to the competent prefecture. If the application meets the test requirements, the applicant is notified of appointment by the prefecture within 60 days of receipt of the online application, specifying the test date, time and place. If the application is not duly completed or the candidate does not satisfy the test requirements, the system automatically generates a notice to indicate lacking requirements and to enable him/her to rectify information.
For more guidance and information an help desk service is available to applicants when submitting their online applications. They can contact it by using the e-mail address specified in http://testitaliano.interno.it after having filled in a specific form contained in the ‘Help desk' web page.
Test results, which can be accessed by applicants on http://testitaliano.interno.it, are entered into the system by the competent prefecture and made available through a web service to the questura (provincial police headquarters) for the examination of applications and issue of an EC long-term residence permit.

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